Facts About Ammon's Contempt of Court Charge that Not A Single News Organization Has Cared to Share With You

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More Proof of the Corruption of Judge Lynn Norton's Courtroom, the Wicked and Vile Nature of Attorney Erik Stidham, and the fact that Sheriff Donnie "the Blunder" Wunder is nothing more than a Stormtrooper:

April 24th, 2023 | by Diego Rodriguez

Ignorant people are crying foul in response to the article I published last week, Judge Lynn Norton Just Intentionally Broke the Law, Proving That She is Biased and Malicious and Unfit to Preside Over Our Case. They are crying and whining like ignorant statists always do because they willfully choose to remain ignorant (2 Peter 3:5), or because they are intentionally trying to manipulate the narrative to protect their own hides.

Everyone who has followed the case KNOWS that Ammon's "warrant of attachment" issued by Judge Lynn Norton was issued for the charge of contempt of court. Nobody has ever denied that. But that, of course, was not the point!

The point of the article, that not a single critic has tried to refute, is that had Judge Lynn Norton obeyed the Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure #55, which she is required to do, this case would have never reached this point and Ammon would never have been in a place to be falsely accused of contempt of court! So this entire ordeal is still the fault of her disobedience to the rules that govern her!

Secondarily, the CONTEMPT OF COURT charge against Ammon is so evidently and eminently BOGUS that only a moronic imbecile could ever conclude that Ammon had actually broken the alleged court order and should thereby be held in contempt of court. Let me demonstrate this for you…

On January 19th, 2023, Judge Lynn Norton signed what is called a “Protective Order” which is supposed to prevent Ammon or I from threatening or harassing anybody else in the case. Most specifically, the order stated:
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"IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that any person, including all Defendants and any agent of any Defendant served with this Order, are prohibited from engaging in the following actions related to this case: by any manner wilfully intimidates, influences, impedes, deters, threatens, harasses, obstructs or prevents a witness, or any person attached or associated with this case."

So, Ammon would be in violation of this order ONLY if he WILLFULLY "intimidated, threatened, or harassed" any of the plaintiffs or others involved in this case. Now, Ammon plainly has never done that. So there can be no contempt of court.

However, let us read further and see what excuse, the perverted and wicked, Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham, provides to the court to justify his desire to have Ammon arrested. Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham gives the court the following 3 reasons to justify arresting Ammon, claiming that because of these reasons, Ammon has “intimidated, threatened, or harassed” the plaintiffs. Now, go ahead read it for yourself and tell me if it sounds like Ammon has “intimidated, threatened, or harassed” anybody in this case:

1. Dirty Erik whines that Ammon didn’t take down webpages that, “include doxing and defamatory statements about Plaintiffs.”

Hello, Dirty Erik, you moron! It’s called the 1st Amendment! It’s FREEDOM OF SPEECH. And no amount of legal manipulation can distort the truth of the 1st Amendment. Ammon can post whatever he wants to post, particularly and especially when he believes it to be true and has evidence to it's truthfulness, just like I can call you "Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham." Because you are dirty and wicked, you are a pervert, and I am 100% confident of those statements!

Additionally, the webpages in question (which you can see by the links below), do not intimidate, threaten, or harass anybody! They simply posit arguments that Ammon and others (including me), believe to be true and factual. And we’ve got plenty of proof, that has already been published, to demonstrate that they are facts.


Now imagine how sick and twisted these people are—they are trying to use the force of government, up to and including VIOLENCE perpetrated upon Ammon by Gem County Stormtoopers and Brownshirt police officers, led by Sheriff Donnie "the Blunder" Wunder, to physically torture Ammon (like they always do), just so that he would remove information that he knows and believes to be true from a website! If that doesn’t send a shiver down your spine, I don’t know what will! This is totalitarianism! This is a total and complete violation of Ammon’s 1st Amendment rights, and it is being signed off on by Judge Lynn Norton. She seems to be a serial violator of the highest law of the land—the Constitution!

2. Dirty Erik Claims that Ammon has declared that “his and PRN’s use of violence is justified against his enemies.”

This is an altogether false statement. It’s just a plain LIE. First of all, he says that “his [Ammon’s] and PRN’s use of violence is justified.” This statement is written in such a way as to define the premise as being that Ammon and the People’s rights Network have already been violent in some way. It is written to convince a lazy or already corrupted judge to believe that Ammon and PRN have already been violent and that a protective order must be filed against them to prevent FURTHER VIOLENCE. After all, according to Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham, Ammon and PRN are already violent.

The problem, of course, is the fact that there is not a single moment in the history of Ammon Bundy’s life, nor in the history of the People’s Rights Network, where either Ammon or PRN members have been violent. Ammon has never been violent in his life. If there is one, I dare Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham to provide evidence of it. There is much more evidence that Dirty Erik is a pedophile (which we all know to be true) and is financially invested in the government subsidized child trafficking system that we've already exposed, than there is that Ammon has ever been violent.

On the contrary, Ammon has suffered much harm and abuse at the hands of tyrannical and corrupt government agents in all 3 branches of government! People’s Rights Network members have likewise never been violent. Never once. The most threatening thing that a PRN member has ever done is hold a sign and shout. Which, for those who don't know because you've been brainwashed by government school and state controlled media, is actually a protected Constitutional right!

Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham goes on to quote Ammon: “There is no silver bullet to securing liberty. It is going to take unity, suffering and the willingness to use violence in defense, like it always has.”
No Silver Bullet
How about that, people? Ammon’s quote, which Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham is using to claim that Ammon has “intimidated, threatened, or harassed” the plaintiffs in this case, is that Ammon claimed in a general article, making general claims about liberty, having nothing to do with the Plaintiffs in this case, that he believes that in order to secure liberty, some people may have to use force (i.e. “violence”) in self-defense! That’s right, in defense!

Do you know what “defense” means? And if so, how can DEFENSE ever be used as a claim of “intimidation, threat, or harassment?” By definition, intimidation, threats, and harassment, must be OFFENSIVE in nature and cannot be defensive. How can anybody with the education beyond kindergarten ever misconstrue general words about the potential need to use violence or force to DEFEND oneself in the process of securing liberty as “intimidating, threatening, or harassing” the very specific plaintiffs in this lawsuit?

And to think, Judge Lynn Norton signed off on this Motion for Contempt! If that is not proof positive that she is a corrupt, bought off, incompetent, and immoral judge—I don’t know what is.
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The evil, wicked, and unjust Judge Lynn Norton of Ada County, Idaho.

3. He claims that Ammon encourages followers to take the law into their own hands.

In this case, Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham quotes Ammon’s article here: “Stop thinking that the courts or elected representatives are going to save us. Stop worshiping the police or anyone else that secures more power to the institutions that threaten freedom. Stop wasting your time thinking that congress or the president is where the solution resides. Stop being afraid. Stop thinking that remaining free is easy, it’s not! The people must balance the power that is forming against them. We must peacefully unite, plan and prepare so we are ABLE to defend ourselves as necessary. The right to defend yourself is a right that is given to you from God and a right that is protected in our founding documents. The same documents that mean nothing unless they can be enforced by the people.”
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Imagine the filthiness and the wicked, vile nature of the mind of Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham! He is claiming in official court documents, with the intent to convince the judge to arrest Ammon and put him in jail, that Ammon saying that Patriots must “peacefully unite” and that our founding documents, namely the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution mean nothing unless they are “enforced by the people,” somehow means that Ammon is “intimidating, threatening, or harassing” the Plaintiffs in this case!

Seriously! He even emphasized “enforced by the people” in bold. Imagine that! In other words, the document that begins with “We the people” if “enforced by the people” through “peaceful unity” and self-defense (Ammon’s own words), is somehow "intimidating, threatening, and harassing" the plaintiffs in this case. And therefore Ammon must be arrested NOW for contempt of court. Judge Norton, please explain to a watching world how a call for "peaceful unity" equates to "intimidation, threat, or harassment."

Now, in any other court in America, this would be a laughable waste of time and the Judge would undoubtedly scold Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham for such a blatant and unethical attempt to manipulate a proposed motion in order to attack a political enemy, or in this case, his opponent in a civil trial. But not in Ada County! Not in Judge Lynn Norton’s courtroom! No, Judge Lynn Norton somehow agrees with these 3 arguments made by Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham and this is the reason why she issued a warrant of attachment to arrest Ammon Bundy.

And this is the justification now being used by Stormtroopers and Brownshirts at the Gem County Sheriff’s office led by Donnie "the Blunder" Wunder, to harass Ammon, to threaten him and his family, to violate his 4th amendment rights by illegally trespassing on his property, and now, as of April 24th, to surround his property and send these same ignorant and immoral buffoons with badges, to violate their oath to protect the Constitution, and to attempt to arrest an innocent man in a CIVIL case, even though he has committed no crime.

There can be only 3 conclusions:

1. Dirty Erik He/Him/His Stidham is a filthy, vile, and morally corrupted evil soul.

2. Judge Lynn Norton is a serial violator of the Constitution and has been compromised ensuring that it will be totally impossible to find justice in her courtroom.

3. Gem County Sheriff Donnie "The Blunder" Wunder is a total moron, having either no respect for the Constitution, or being completely oblivious to its principles and mandates, and is happy to be a meat-headed stormtrooper, blindly following the orders of unelected attorneys and corrupt judges without knowing or caring why. He is a coward and a brownshirt, and history will record him as such. His children, grandchildren, and posterity will look back in shame at the curse put on their family name by Donnie "The Blunder" Wunder.
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